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On line site that is dating of Fish hacked, mudslinging drama ensues

On line site that is dating of Fish hacked, mudslinging drama ensues

Then you should see the mudslinging soap opera that happens after an online dating site gets hacked and the breached database exposes more than 28 million usernames, emails and passwords if you think dating causes drama. Add claims of extortion, shooting the messenger, and a death danger — oh and calling a hacker’s mom to share with on him — and that’s drama that is definitely digital.

The business behind the internet site that is dating of Fish hadn’t officially answered about its database being breached before the CEO blogged in regards to the hack.

CEO Markus Frind posted on their individual web log, “an abundance of fish had been hacked week that is last we think email messages usernames and passwords had been downloaded. We now have reset all users passwords and shut the safety opening that permitted them to enter.” He continues on to tell about “how irritating it really is to own somebody constantly harassing and wanting to scare your lady after all hours associated with the time” Frind alleges tried extortion by Chris Russo and, inturn, posted pictures of Russo that Frind found on Facebook. Last but most certainly not least, after threatening to sue Russo and their business partner Luca, Frind recounted, “I did truly the only thing that is logical. I emailed their mom.”

You might remember Russo’s title, since he discovered comparable SQL injection security weaknesses into the Pirate Bay’s database a year ago which revealed over 4 million Pirate Bay users’ information.

In line with the CEO, Russo failed to make an effort to conceal their identification. “It took Chris Russo 2 times to split in; he did not also you will need to conceal behind a proxy, signed up under their name that is real and the attacks while logged in as himself,” Frind had written.