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Six Brown Chicks Media. 10 Realities to Embrace After Losing Your Better Half

Six Brown Chicks Media. 10 Realities to Embrace After Losing Your Better Half

One of many final photos my partner took before he died from GBM mind cancer tumors in 2012. All legal rights reserved.

By Dawgelene “Dr Dawj” Sangster –

I will be eight times into my 21-day journey, a march to the conclusion of my very very first 12 months being a widow.

We remember a lot of things that individuals did those last weeks of their life and also as I approach the anniversary, I recognize that i’m a great deal more powerful than We initially thought.

Once I mirror now regarding the emotions that had me personally as he first passed away (abandonment, isolation, neglect, loneliness, frustration, hurt, anger, confusion), we chuckle at just how difficult we worked at wanting to persuade myself that i ought to not need experienced any one of those emotions at that moment. We felt that loved him as well, that I didn’t have a right to experience my own level of grief like I had to be strong for everyone around me. We kept attempting to place my emotions in the straight straight straight back burner and imagine they didn’t occur, thus I could possibly be a pillar of power for other individuals.

Don’t misunderstand me; I favor being a sound of empowerment for other people in motivating them to their journey. Nevertheless, i recognize that individuals can be effective in serving others, if that is our chosen path that we must learn to be rejuvenated within our own spirits so. We compiled a listing of 10 realities that we must embrace as soon as we lose our partner, in hopes so it will encourage other widows/widowers.

#1- It is okay to cry and feel thoughts –I familiar with believe that we shouldn’t cry or sjust how the way I really was experiencing concerning the loss in my partner.

You are able to cry, scream, kick, or whatever enables you to show your emotions in the loss in your partner. You built an eternity together that didn’t final forever so you have earned your right to grieve the way YOU see fit as you expected.