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7 urban myths about bisexuality you will need to stop thinking

7 urban myths about bisexuality you will need to stop thinking

Urban myths about those in the community that is bisexual usually harmful , rooted in stereotypes, and terribly inaccurate. Bisexuality can be misunderstood, and due to that, people who identify as bisexual can face real-life effects of others’ lack of knowledge.

As somebody who claims this identification, i am a big fan of the definition supplied by Robyn Ochs in addition to Bisexual site Center: ” listed here is my present concept of bisexuality : we call myself bisexual in myself the possible become drawn, romantically and/or intimately, to folks of one or more intercourse, definitely not as well, not always in exactly the same way, rather than always into the same degree. because I acknowledge”

Here is a listing of probably the most myths that are popular bisexuality you ought to stop thinking.

MYTH: in the event that you identify as bi, you are a cheater.

This will be probably the most myths that are common bisexuality. It really is most likely that this misconception is due to the concept that bisexual people “can’t make up their minds a proven way or perhaps one other,” are interested in anyone and everyone, or simply just the over-sexualization of the identification generally speaking.